Ancient Mariner

by Ancient Mariner

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The first full band EP of Ancient Mariner was recorded in a house in Wisconsin, a church in downtown Minneapolis, and in the attic of Gabriel Jorgensen.


released June 9, 2015

Gabriel Jorgensen: Guitars, Vocals, Synth, Cello
Daniel Stewart: Bass, Synth
Connor Davison: Drums
All songs written, engineered, and produced by Ancient Mariner
Mixed by Matthew Wilcox
Mastered by Huntley Miller
Album artwork by Daniel Stewart and Aaron Speer
Photo by Gabriel Jorgensen

Thanks to Ezra Hinton for lending his many microphones to us.
Thanks to Patrick Thomas for letting us use his family's house in Wisconsin



all rights reserved


Ancient Mariner Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Morning
The morning roars
a beast waiting outside
The morning roars
and there's dread in the sunrise
The night before the only words I prayed,
"Don't wake me up"
For one hundred more the only words I'll pray,
"Don't wake me up"

Morning roars
The firmament swells
tearing itself
one heaving breath
taken til death
Morning roars
The mummified wake
from alkaline lakes
feel ruining time
see cruelty of light

I pull my sheets wrapped as bandages
from my skin
Rise from my bed as the grave that I buried
myself in
The morning roars
Track Name: Deep Space
Distant, I awoke distant
I awoke in deep space
from the sound of nothing
I awoke distant
So distant from you

Weightless, I'm awake and weightless
I'm awake in deep space
Suddenly outside it
the super massive conscience
Inside I could not fuse

There's no more impulse
for distress signals
I'm on the backslide
far from the narrow road
Where your absence doesn't feel like lack
Even in the gaping black
So I'll be
What I'll be
I'll be
What I'll be
I'll be alright
Track Name: Multicon
Is it better left alone
in the vacuum of the soul,
all unheard sound and thought?
I don't know
Cause I only take away
with every word I try to say
And the sound breathes diluted
in its escape

I can't find the reason
in why I don't let go
A man with so much dreaming
has little life to show
My unsure hands subdued by sinking thought
This thing is a fire
that I can't get to burn
Embers breathing tired
all the heat dispersed
With ashes in my lungs
I scream to be heard
But what is it worth?

What is it?
What is it you think you need?
What is it you really seek?
Giving til you're empty
But you aren't owed anything
Track Name: Brother
Brother, you look like
Abel, the favored son
Every piece in line
all of you is made of love

It gives you form and weight
and color still in your veins
How did you stand stable
Oh, brother, ever able?
How your hands were blessed
they knew not to transgress
In all things you were sure
And his eyes saw you as pure
He loved you better

Brother, why can't I
be what I try to be?
Is the blood of Cain
the truest part of me?

Running so cold and thin
I must be translucent
I cannot hide my shame
though I try to turn away
Cause there is no deceiving
My gifts will not please him
Is there nothing I can do?
From the start was I doomed?
Am I not lovely in his sight?