In Solitude

by Ancient Mariner

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wolfhunter thumbnail
wolfhunter This all-too-short release is an encouraging, honest, and emotional record with poignant and pointed songwriting that speaks to the soul, as we, mankind, wrestle with God and ourselves. Favorite track: War In My Head.
Paul Wells
Paul Wells thumbnail
Paul Wells Amazing album, Child Of Wrath is mind blowing. The band were kind enough to let me use it in my short film. It integrates with the soundtrack perfectly, hope to hear more soon! Favorite track: Child Of Wrath.
Ryan DeGroot
Ryan DeGroot thumbnail
Ryan DeGroot Child of Wrath...absolutely haunting, atmospheric, a perfect mixture of wanderlust, wonder and mystery wrapped up in a saturnine blanket.

This is what I imaging nomads of old could hear when they stared up at the starscape above an open plain stretching as far as the eye could see. Favorite track: Child Of Wrath.
AKSHAT PANDEY I just love the depth, almost cried while hearing this.

I love it so much. Favorite track: War In My Head.
Kim Wright
Kim Wright thumbnail
Kim Wright Music to get lost in. Favorite track: Acedia.
Mohammad Al Saif
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Mohammad Al Saif Simply put; I think everything about this song is awesome. Favorite track: War In My Head.
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released July 2, 2013

Lyrics by Gabriel Jorgensen
Music by Gabriel Jorgensen and Matt Wilcox
Engineered and Produced by Matt Wilcox
Album Artwork by Luca Venter
French Connection: Eli Jorgensen
Guest vocals on War In My Head: Allison Noble



all rights reserved


Ancient Mariner Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: In Solitude
When I locked away
all the bottles of ink
When the third evening came
my voice had grown weak
When the silence was all I could hear
I didn't know who would whisper in my ear

And the mirror in me
is one that's cracked
There's no consistency
of the man in the glass
Oh it's terrible to be alone
With a person that you don't know

Who will you find in solitude?
What will you hear when silence surrounds you?
Do you know?
Who will you find?
What will you hear?
Track Name: Acedia
My words spill onto the floor
They lose their taste when they're lukewarm
The don't mean a thing
I've sunk into the room and
lost heat and the dead air in
I don't feel a thing

In apathetic torpor
I'm lost in quiet torture
I can't feel a thing
I watch the future unfold
Plans and emotions seem futile
It wouldn't change a thing

I couldn't name the demon
The noonday sloth that creeps in
Into the abbott's mind
exaggerating time
There's danger in passivity
The lion pounced and swallowed me
Trapped behind the teeth
of foul Acedia

From the end of
the earth I call
My heart is faint
with no more strength
Bring my soul out
of this prison
And then I shall
praise Your name
Track Name: War In My Head
Oh sweat it out
All the night through
Sweat it out
There is nothing left to do

Fight it out
This war in your mind
Fight it out
Come out breathing on the other side

A drastic change
Is taking over you
Like a storm
There is no way out but through

It could go
One of two ways
Where it will go
It is much too soon to say

'The fire in my life has left me
Everything but dead
I don't know if I
Want to see how this ends
Oh I writhe in my bed
With a war in my head'

A wince of pain
Anger and sadness
Flash across your eyes
As you fight off the madness

I can see
The goodness in your heart
But that fire
Is hard to hold once it starts

So do not dwell
On the shames of your past
Let them fall onto the ground
And watch them break like glass

Your father's lies
Are not yours to keep
It's your life
You decide where it leads

'The fire in my life has left me
Everything but dead
I don't know if I
Want to see how this ends
Oh I writhe in my bed
With a war in my head'
Track Name: Child Of Wrath
Was it by my own tongue I did not taste
manna from the heavens that went to waste?
Desires of the flesh are what I fed on
But that does not digest nor sustain for long

Was it by my own eyes I did not see
pillars of cloud and fire leading me?
Mirages in the sand are what caught my eye
Drawing me out from the camp alone to die

Child of wrath
You wandered far
In desert plight
You're a faded star
You are to be
A child of light
With eyes to see
To breath new life

Get up
and breath new life
Track Name: Untitled
In me there isn't one good thing
But in You I find a contradiction
A once dormant design now causing friction
You run against my grain

Oh try, try as I might
To pursue the good that I long for
My body left me lying on the floor
There's poison running through my veins

Your voice was not a noise
But the feeling of sun upon my face
After blackest nights I rose in grace
The darkness bled away

Your eye saw further than mine
Upon this road, long and twisting
Towards Your home, thought I missed it
When my feet gave away

Abba Father!
Abba Father!